By: Tatum Stafford

Nothing compares to a good, old-fashioned camping trip with your family. 

From pegging the tent and unravelling your sleeping bag, to whipping out the board games when the sun goes down, there's a certain comfort in spending a night under the stars.

While we can't explore any of Western Australia's campsites right now, we can do it in our own backyard. And there are families from across the globe and right here in WA getting creative with their home camping set-ups.

Here are some of the most impressive ones we could find - that will no doubt inspire you to take a camping trip at home.

1. If you're not roasting marshmallows, you're doing it wrong

2. Caravans are mobile - but they don't have to be

3. Fairy lights and colourful sunsets make for a pretty picture

4. No fire? No worries!

5. Even dogs love combis

6. For an Aussie edge, grab a swag

7. Take working from home to a whole new level

8. The best campers find adventure no matter where they are

9. A hack for movie lovers

10. And lastly, if you're in an apartment, get creative!

Inspired to upgrade your backyard camping set-up?

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Last updated February 2021