6 January, 2021   By: Tatum Stafford

Taking photos of your pet is never a simple task. Getting the perfect shot takes time, patience and a few special tricks it pays to have up your sleeve. 

The RAC Pet Search is back on 1 Feb, so it's the perfect time to brush up your photography skills for the chance to win some awesome pet-friendly prizes. Here are some tips to help you get the winning shot.

1. Find the right light

For an authentic shot, try and capture your pet in the most natural light possible. Pictures in direct sunlight can appear overexposed or washed out, so aim to take the photo in either the morning or early evening, when the light provides a warm glow.

If you do need to use a flash, don't point it directly at your pet. Doing so can cause a red-eye effect in the picture, and can also cast large shadows around them that draw focus.

Instead, shine a light up at the ceiling so the light can bounce off onto the subject, creating a more natural effect. If you have a friend nearby, this can be done with a phone by using the torch mode to reflect this light off of the ceiling.

2. Use a treat or toy

To get your pet's attention, use their favourite toy or treat as a temporary bribe. It's handy to have someone on hand to wave the treats behind the camera as you take the photo.

This distraction will take attention away from the camera and make your pet feel much more comfortable in front of the lens. Just remember to let them play with or eat their treat after a few photos are taken. 

3. Get down on their level

When shot from a human's perspective, your pet may seem small and meek. Instead, get down on their level to convey the world as they see it.

Whether it's sitting, kneeling or crouching, shooting your pet from a lower angle puts them in focus and can lead to some adorable results.

4. Mix up your angles

Don't shy away from trying a range of different angles when trying to get the perfect snap. Experimenting with new angles could result in an incredibly authentic photo, and could also help your pet feel more comfortable during the process. 

A change in angles doesn't just include standing in different spots. Try photographing your pet while they're running, playing or resting to capture a moment unique to your pet. 

5. Use social media for inspiration

It's no secret that social media is rife with photos of pets. Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, there's no better place to find photo inspiration than on social media. 

Checking socials is also a great way to scout locations for your next pet pic. Western Australia is home to some of the world's most stunning beaches, national parks and lookouts - with many being dog-friendly. Viewing all images within a location tag on Instagram is a great way to determine whether an area permits dogs, and could also lead to the perfect photo. 

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