With over 20 years’ experience Botanica World Discoveries are the experts in garden travel, offering a wide range of small group tours and cruises hosted by expert Botanical Guides. We visit a vast range of private gardens not accessible to the general public as well as the must-see sights of the region. 

The Heritage Adventurer vessel anchored in a bay and a zodiac in front of it.
a traditional Japanese torii gate standing in the water, with wooden structures on stilts and people observing the scenery, set against a backdrop of mountains.
A Japanese park with a wooden bridge over a small river and some cherry blossom trees.

Visit Japan during cherry blossom season, a revered time of year that is highly significant to the people of Japan. Embark on an unforgettable 11-night small ship cruise from Osaka to Tokyo aboard Heritage Adventurer, with 2 nights pre- and post-cruise stays in each location. Sail to Kanazawa with a delightful stopover at Miyajima accessible via the ship’s onboard Zodiacs. Immerse yourself in Japan’s exquisite strolling gardens, visiting the renowned Kenroku-en and Koraku-en, as well as the serene ponds and pavilions of Ritsurin Park.