Join Coral Expeditions on their inaugural Circumnavigation of Sumatra expedition onboard Coral Geographer as you delve deeply into the biological and cultural diversity that forms the fabric of Indonesia’s largest island. Explore hard to reach small fringing islands, follow historical trading routes and the trails of early explorers, meander along the coastal ecosystems and into the labyrinth of islands of the western Indonesian maritime border.

Two women from Belitung folding their hands for prayer with closed eyes are wearing traditional red and gold costumes with a golden headscarf decorated with beads, gold headpiece and a red flower.
A Sumatran tiger walking through high green grass towards the camera with eyes focus on the camera and mouth a bit open just showing the sharp teeth and tongue
Two women wearing traditional yellow and red costumes and a headband while performing the Moyo dance squatting and spreading arms open like flying birds

Join local rangers for guided walks and tours through Ujong Kulon and Tambling National Park as you engage with researchers and learn about Javanese Rhinoceros and sub species of the endangered Sumatran tiger not found anywhere else in the world. Engage in a community initiative providing employment opportunities for local villagers in remote North Nias. Enjoy sunset drinks at zero degrees latitude and cross the Sunda Straits to discover the volcanic history of Anak Krakatau. Thrill to a traditional becak ride through the old town of Medan, and deepen your understanding of the devastating 2004 Tsunami in the province of Aceh. This expedition offers an unforgettable adventure uncovering and connecting you with the ethnic mosaic that is modern day Indonesia.