We’re the driving force for a better WA

Since our foundation in 1905, the needs of our members and the Western Australian community have guided our path. Together with our members we will continue to be the driving force for a better WA.

  • Safe

    We want to save thousands of lives and serious injuries on WA roads.

    WA, once a road safety leader, is now among the worst in the nation. Communities continue to be devastated by road trauma.

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  • Sustainable

    We want to reduce harmful vehicle emissions for cleaner, healthier air.

    Petrol and diesel vehicles emit airborne pollutants and greenhouse gases, which are harmful to our health and the environment.

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  • Connected

    We want well-planned communities and transport that better connect people and places.

    The more connected we feel to each other and our communities, the healthier and happier we are.

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