Automated vehicle technology is rapidly advancing and aims to improve mobility and independence, and reduce crash risk and severity by removing human error from the driving task.  

Automated vehicle safety systems already assist the driver in cases where they may need to avoid a crash by warning them, and in some cases, helping the driver brake or steer when they don’t react quickly enough. Some of these features include forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, rear-view video system, lane departure warning, blind spot detection and adaptive cruise control. 

Conversely, increasing automation does also raise many potential considerations that will need to be explored, including potential issues such as system failures, cyber security, and liability in the event of crashes.

RAC has captured a range of learnings in a number of submissions to Government and continue to engage with stakeholders to better prepare for the safe transition to automated vehicle technology. 

For further information on our submission responses please visit our reports page.

What the experts say

We asked some experts their thoughts on driverless technology and how it could impact their fields of expertise. Watch these short videos to hear the thoughts of Trauma Surgeon Dr Sudhakar Rao and Futurist Chris Riddell on the importance of this trial in helping to shape the future of transport.


What Trauma Surgeon Dr Sudhakar Rao Thinks of Driverless Technology
The Importance of Driverless Technology with Futurist Chris Riddell

What the community thinks

We also continue to survey the public and our members about their understanding of automated vehicle technology. 

In RAC’s 2016 survey, we found that almost half of Western Australians felt positively towards Level 4 AVs. However, given the newness of the technology it is not that surprising that 30 per cent of Western Australians had negative feelings towards AVs.

All Trial participants also receive a post-ride survey to help us better understand the views and concerns about the advent of automated vehicle technology. 

For further information visit the AV Community Awareness Survey.


What does Perth think about the RAC Intellibus®?
The Hon. Paul Fletcher MP takes a ride
The Hon. Darren Chester MP takes a ride