Whether you’ve bought a shiny sports car or you’ve inherited a trusty sedan, you need to make sure you get the car insurance that’s right for you.

Imagine what might happen if you crashed into a Porsche and you didn’t have the right cover. You could be up for a hefty bill.

If you’re choosing car insurance, here’s a rundown on the different types so you can compare and contrast.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Our Comprehensive Car Insurance provides the highest level of cover for your car.

It covers your car for accidental damage, malicious damage, theft, storm, fire and flood. It also covers another person’s car or property if you damage this in an accident.

There are other benefits too. We’ll cover lost and stolen keys and repair your broken locks up to $2000. We’ll also cover your personal belongings up to the value of $500 if this is part of an eligible claim.

Comprehensive Car Insurance costs more than other types of insurance but gives you the most protection. Some car finance loans require comprehensive car insurance as a condition of the loan.

Third Party Fire and Theft

If you don’t need cover for your car in case of an accident, Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance might suit you. This level of insurance covers damage to your car caused by fire or theft, as well as accidental damage your car causes to someone else’s car or property. It doesn’t cover accidental damage to your car.

You’ll also get a hire car until your car is fixed or your claim is settled.

Our Third Party with Fire and Theft also includes uninsured motorist cover, which means if you’re in an accident caused by an uninsured driver, we’ll cover the damage to your car up to a limit. We’ll also tow your car to a safe location.

Third Party Car Insurance

Third Party Car Insurance covers you for damage your car causes to someone else’s car or property in an accident.

It doesn’t cover the costs for your car, and it doesn’t cover damage to your car caused by fire or theft. It provides a very basic level of cover but this is all some drivers need.

It includes uninsured driver cover, so if you’re in an accident caused by an uninsured driver, we’ll cover the damage to your car up to a limit.

Motor Injury Insurance

Motor Injury Insurance (often referred to as compulsory third party) is slightly different from the other types of car insurance.

It covers the cost of personal injury to others if you’ve caused the crash. It’s mandatory in Western Australia. You pay for this as part of your car registration with the Department of Transport, so it’s not something you purchase separately.

Motor Injury Insurance doesn’t cover damage to vehicles or property. So if you’re responsible for an accident, you could be liable for tens of thousands of dollars of damage to other cars or property if this is the only cover you have. There are two parts to motor injury insurance: the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance scheme and the Catastrophic Injury Support (CIS) insurance scheme.

To find out more, visit the Department of Transport's Motor Insurance Injury page and FAQs.

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This information is correct as of 21/11/2023.