Product Disclosure Statements (PDS), Premium Excess and Discount Guides (PEDG) and Target Market Determinations (TMDs)

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Product Development and Distribution Policy

RAC Insurance designs and develops its general insurance products to meet the needs of Western Australian retail consumers. This includes an assessment of whether a product has been designed in a way that is likely to be consistent with the objectives, financial situation and needs of the “target market”, which is the class of consumers for whom the product is intended. To do this we rely upon information we have from a long history of providing value to members, to look at customer outcomes for past or similar products. We ensure the distribution of our products is directed towards the intended target market. Our products are distributed by companies within the RAC Group, so that we can closely monitor the quality of service provided to members. We will continue to monitor the development and distribution of our general insurance products to ensure that customers are consistently at the centre of our approach.

General Insurance Code of Practice

We adhere to the General Insurance Code of Practice, which aims to improve industry standards and practice across general insurance products and services. The code is independently monitored and enforced by the Code Governance Committee. You can obtain a copy of the code by visiting