24/7 Australia wide^

Enjoy peace of mind that comes with being covered by WA's largest roadside assistance network. Plus, relax knowing that we'll be there for you Australia wide too.

Expert roadside mechanics

From lock-outs to tyre troubles, running out of fuel to flat batteries, you can trust us to get you back on the road fast. With 9 out of 10 cars fixed on the spot.

Coverage for all vehicle types

Enjoy the benefits of Roadside Assistance no matter what you drive. Whether it's petrol, diesel or electric we’ve got you covered.

Enjoy everyday savings

When you join RAC Roadside Assistance you become a member which gives you discounts on a range of RAC products & services, plus access to savings on fuel, shopping, movie tickets and more***

Your choice of cover options

Standard Classic .this is the Most popular choice. Ultimate Ultimate plus
or $119
or $295
or $350
Inner city & short distance drivers Drivers who drive more than one car Long distance & country drivers
Car covered
Car covered Yes Yes Yes
Person covered
Person covered Yes Yes
Unlimited callouts
Unlimited callouts Yes Yes Yes
Metropolitan area¹
Tows per incident
Tows per incident 1 Yes up to 2# Yes up to 2#
Free metro towing
Free metro towing Yes 20km Yes 100km Yes 200km
Taxi Yes up to $55 Yes up to $100
Locksmith (one per year)
Locksmith (one per year) Yes up to $165 Yes up to $200
Trailer / caravan towing
Trailer / caravan towing Yes Yes
Hire car
Hire car Yes $110 daily, up to 3 days Yes $150 daily, up to 5 days
All country areas¹
Travel distance
Travel distance Yes 80km Yes 200km Yes 300km
Free towing
Free towing Yes 80km Yes 200km Yes 300km
Free fuel
Free fuel Yes up to $50 a yr
Taxi Yes up to $55 Yes up to $100
Locksmith (one per year)
Locksmith (one per year) Yes up to $165 Yes up to $200
Trailer / caravan towing
Trailer / caravan towing Yes Yes
Hire car
Hire car Yes $110 daily, up to 3 days Yes $150 daily, up to 5 days
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
24 hours a day, 7 days a week Yes Yes Yes
Australia-wide breakdown service
Australia-wide breakdown service Yes Yes Yes
Away from home benefits²
Vehicle recovery
Vehicle recovery Yes Yes
Passenger transport
Passenger transport Yes Yes
Accommodation & car hire
Accommodation & car hire Yes max $110 daily per service, up to $770 Yes max $180 daily per service, up to $1260
Annual Entitlement Limits (benefits for completed years of tenure at this product level)
0-1 Year
0-1 Year $1500 $7000
2-4 Years
2-4 Years $2000 $7000
5+ Years
5+ Years $3000 $7000
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What our members say


Extremely satisfied

I started my morning off on the wrong foot because my car didn’t start, I called RAC road assistance and within half an hour they were there changing my battery and saving my day.


Extremely satisfied

My husband and I have used this service for thirty years and wouldn’t be without it. The roadside assistance has helped me quite a number of times to get out of trouble when my car has broken down. They are very reliable. Have to wait sometimes if they are very busy but better to wait for them especially when my battery is flat or I have locked myself out which used to happen a lot before the remote. They fix my problem and get me back on the road every time. This service gives me confidence (particularly as I am a female) to use my car around town and on long journeys knowing all I have to do is call the RAC and they will fix it if I breakdown anywhere in Aus. The mechanics have always been polite and helpful and fully qualified in most makes of cars.


Extremely satisfied

RAC arrived within the hour. Quick response time, and a lovely serviceman.


Extremely satisfied

I was surprised at how quickly the local RAC guy arrived (he said they were busy but popped out in his lunch break!). It was a flat battery so he connected up his battery, started the car and recommended that I take it for a drive for at least 40 minutes to recharge it and then call into their workplace so they could check if the battery was holding the charge - if not I would need a new battery. Thankfully it was OK but I was impressed with the prompt service provided both at my home and their workplace.


Extremely satisfied

We recently had a transmission failure on a trip to Exmouth WA. This is a 16 hour drive from our home in Bunbury WA and could have been a major disaster. But we were covered for recovery and had minimal out of pocket expenses even with the considerable distance. The process was smooth and stress free and the friends I was with have since purchased their own RAC roadside assistance.

Need help or more information? Call us on 1300 138 306.

Enjoy peace of mind that comes with being covered by WA's largest roadside assistance network. Choose between Standard - $10.51* per month, Classic $17.57* per month, Ultimate $26.05* per month and Ultimate Plus $30.91* per month.

* Total cost of Standard Roadside Assistance is $126.14, Classic is $210.94, Ultimate is $312.70 and Ultimate Plus is $371.00 inclusive of a 6% admin fee applied to monthly direct debits. Prices are per year. The first instalment price may differ slightly due to rounding.

^ 24/7 attendance is available in the Perth metro area plus, Albany, Bunbury, Busselton, Kalgoorlie and Geraldton. All other areas are subject to availability. Please refer to the Roadside Assistance Entitlements for full details of service guarantees, exclusions, terms and conditions.

Second tow only available outside business hours and subject to towing limits.

*** Not applicable to BusinessWise Roadside Assistance customers. For further information on BusinessWise Roadside Assistance and its entitlements click here.

¹ Metropolitan Area means the Perth metropolitan area as detailed by the WA Planning Commission Metropolitan Region Scheme map, as well as Mandurah and selected surrounding suburbs including Nambeelup, Stake Hill, Lakelands, Madora Bay, San Remo, Meadow Springs, Parklands, Silver Sands, Mandurah, Greenfields, Barragup, Halls Head, Dudley Park, Erskine, Coodanup, Furnissdale, North Yunderup, South Yunderup, Falcon, Wannanup, Dawesville, Nirimba, Bouvard.

² Available following a breakdown more than 100km away from home and when the vehicle cannot be repaired within 24 hours. To access these away from home benefits for non-nominated vehicles the member needs to be with the vehicle. Not available for caravans or trailers.