What types of projects can be submitted?

Projects might involve:

  • Temporary narrowing or reallocation of road space or repurposing of parking spaces or lots to provide pop-up infrastructure or increased space for cyclists/pedestrians/public transport/parklets/al fresco/plazas, etc.
  • Innovative lighting improvements to increase personal security for users (including at underpasses) and to make spaces more inviting
    Improvements to make walking and cycling safer and easier, including reduced crossing distances, increased footpath space, mid-block crossing improvements, minor intersection improvements, signal re-timing / re-phasing
  • Expansion of council-owned parks/open spaces or repurposing of under-utilised council-owned assets to create vibrant public spaces
  • Measures to create low traffic neighbourhoods/restricting access to residential streets to make it easier and safer to walk, cycle and play (e.g. play-streets/open streets)
  • Measures to encourage safer speeds
  • Temporary or minor place infrastructure to encourage activity and support local businesses such as innovative seating options, potted planting and other such greening and landscaping, community art, bike parking/storage, etc.

Materials for temporary reallocation or creation of space might include paint, spray chalk, planter boxes, artificial turf, wooden pallets, etc.

The duration of the demonstration or pilot period is up to the nominating LGA and will be influenced by the project objectives and desired outcomes, as well as its location, nature and design.

We understand some projects may include permanent elements and these can be included as part of the application — under either category. Ideally, we’d love to see these being low-cost treatments, or having innovative / unique design elements.