What we’re looking for?

We are looking to enable local governments across WA to deliver initiatives that seek to do something differently with their communities, such as:

  • Build opportunities for communities to come together by creating places where people can safely interact and spend time
  • Redesign streets to reinforce the context of the area and appropriately balance the movement and place functions to better cater for the needs of users
  • Create safer and ‘healthy’ streets for walking, cycling, place and interaction
  • Improve access for pedestrians and cyclists to key destinations such as local centres, schools and other services and amenities
  • Enhance the attractiveness and functionality of public spaces, building on the unique characteristics of the area, to activate local centres and high streets and create vibrant places
  • Support local economies by enhancing access, activating streets and providing increased space
  • Engage, inspire and help empower resident and business communities to get involved in shaping and driving change in their local area through co-design and by demonstrating the benefits of reimagining and revitalising streets and public spaces, and/or
  • Help build the foundations for longer-term changes to support safe, sustainable and connected communities