What about cars that don't get rated?

Most popular new cars on the Australian market are ANCAP rated. 

Typically, the vehicles which do not get rated are the more expensive luxury cars which are sold in lower numbers but often equal or exceed the safety features in more affordable 5-star rated vehicles. Other vehicles may be in the market for a period before they are rated by ANCAP. 

ANCAP does utilise crash test data from its partner EuroNCAP, which tests vehicles under the same protocols as ANCAP. Where these tests apply to vehicles being sold in Australia, ANCAP has the capability to provide a rating using the EuroNCAP crash test data. 

A vehicle may still be insured or financed by RAC unless it has officially received a 1, 2 or 3 star ANCAP rating. As part of our safer cars commitment we will also insure or finance vehicles that have not been ANCAP rated.

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