Storms that hit Perth and WA’s South West last month have resulted in more than $1 million worth of damage to homes, according to RAC Insurance claims data.

The weekend of wild weather, which gave Perth two thirds of its monthly rainfall in just two days, saw RAC Insurance receive water damage claims amounting to $1.1 million.

While this weather was uncharacteristic for May, RAC Insurance Home Claims Manager Glen Walker says Perth also experienced damaging storms in May 2014. “Last year, May was looking fairly typical in terms of weather, and then the city was hit by unexpected storms on May 7 and 8,” Mr Walker says.

“That brief bout of wild weather caused quite a bit of destruction to Perth’s southern suburbs and South West region, including water damage, roofs being taken off and fences knocked down.

“And interestingly enough, this year we have again been suddenly hit with 48 hours of severe storms in May.  

“This serves as a timely reminder to West Australians to always be prepared in the event of a storm.

“Our advice is to take a look around your front and back yards for any potential risks and try to minimise them as much as possible.

“Trim tree branches that look like they could fall in heavy wind. Hire a contractor to clear any trees that are surrounding power lines. Secure any loose outdoor objects like furniture. Clear gutters and downpipes and check for blockages to prevent overflowing. And always keep an emergency kit handy.”