18 April, 2017   By: Nigel Bowen

Tech is the great equaliser, and with its thriving start-up scene, Perth is pulling its weight in the global tech industry. Here are four of the latest clever apps gaining serious cut-through from WA entrepreneurs.

Feedmee - Tinder for food

In retrospect, the idea for this app seems obvious, but it took two young Perthites, Brenda Lai and Tyler Spooner, to make it reality.

Feedmee is the ‘Tinder of food’ – but instead of deciding on your next romantic encounter, you’re searching for your next mouth-watering meal. Images of delicious dishes flash up on your mobile and you swipe right on what you feel like eating.

After choosing your preferred food items you can arrange home delivery or make a booking at the eatery where the tasty treat is offered. 

So far so good. But there's more. Feedmee is also a social enterprise with the motto that 'in this day and age, no-one should go hungry.'

So Feedmee donates a part of the profit from every meal ordered to a food charity to help them feed someone else in need. So when you eat, someone else eats too. 

Formalytics - creating great soccer players

This app is only at the beta-testing stage, but if that goes well, Formalytics could have a big impact on the world of soccer (or football, if you prefer).

The app combines computer vision, augmented reality and artificial intelligence to give soccer players an insight into their goal kicking performance. Players simply need to film their kick with a smartphone and they’ll get feedback on speed, placement and trajectory.

Co-founded by Tom Riordan, Formalytics is one of the many success stories to come out of the Perth’s start-up hub Spacecubed.

Appbot - the app that tracks other apps

Having trouble keeping track of your app? There’s an app for that.

Appbot monitors and collates what users are saying about a particular app. That information then helps app creators – corporates, start-ups etc – to better understand what their customers want and need and make the app product more user friendly.

Co-founded by Perth entreprenuers Stuart Hall, who developed the technology, and Claire McGregor, Appbot now has some seriously heavy hitters subscribed to its service, including Disney, Pinterest, Dropbox and Microsoft.

Cribber - keeping in touch on construction sites

Most people who work on construction sites can relate to how chaotic it can be trying to communicate to everyone on-site. This is what inspired Cribber – an app dedicated to automating worksite communication.

Simply grab the mobile numbers of employees, contractors and site visitors and invite them to your Cribber team. From there it’s a breeze to circulate bulletins, surveys, sign-on sheets and photos. You can also see who’s read and signed off on every item you send.

With heavy hitters like Woodside now using Cribber, the app’s WA-based founder, Mike Watson has been selected to attend the prestigious start-up accelerator Founder Institute.

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