30 September, 2018

The solar boom in WA is on. But across Perth, some postcodes are outshining others for solar uptake. Take a look at which areas are letting the sunshine charge their lives.

One in four roofs in Western Australia is now sporting solar panels as more of us plug in to our abundant sunshine to generate power for our homes and businesses.

The growth is happening pretty fast, with around 2000 West Australians adding solar panels to their roofs each month as prices have continued to drop and the time to recoup the initial financial outlay is down, with panels now paying themselves off in two to four years. 

However, looming on the horizon in 2019 is a cut to the Federal Government solar incentive, which will impact costs for buyers.

We tracked the spread of solar across the Perth metro area from 2013 to 2018 and found that, while the overall increase in solar uptake has been consistent, some metro areas are well ahead of the rest.

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