The South West region is one of only 34 biodiversity hotspots in the world, and the only one in Australia. It is rated by the WWF as one of the world’s most important areas for biodiversity and conservation. If you visit in spring during wildflower season, you’ll see why.

Flurries of orchids, kangaroo paw and coral vines often blossom across the South West region during wildflower season, which usually starts towards the end of September.

The diverse range of wildflowers , forests and native animals found in the Australia's South West all contribute to the rare and unique nature of this beautiful region.

Here are some of the locations to visit and flowers to keep an eye out for on your South West travels - all of these were spotted in previous wildflower seasons. 

Check back later for more updates for the current season. 

Some of the wildflowers you can commonly find in the Collie region are:

  • Yellow buttercups
  • Blue leschenaultia
  • Donkey orchids
  • Kangaroo paws
  • Sundews
  • Wattles
  • Milk maids

Ludlow Tuart Forest, Busselton
The 2000 hectare Ludlow tuart forest national park is the largest remaining area of pure tuart forest in the world.

  • Tuart Trees
  • Yellow flowering hibbertia
  • Hardenbergia
  • Cape Spider orchid

Ambergate Reserve, Busselton
This stunning reserve contains at least 326 species of native flowering plants.

  • Spider, Donkey, Enamel, Jug, Rattle Beak, Pink Fairy, White Bunny, Hare, Flying Duck and Blue Lady orchids
  • Verticordias
  • Swan River Myrtle
  • Triggerplants
  • Coral Vine
  • Grass trees

Captain Baudin Reserve, Busselton
Squeezed between the ocean and the Vasse Estuary, this is a good spot for coastal wildflowers.

  • Carbunup King Spider Orchid (Caladenia procera)
  • Rattle Beak
  • Enamel, Flying Duck, King-in-carriage, Donkey and Jug orchids
  • Kangaroo Paws
  • Buttercups (Hibbertia)
  • Blue Grass Lily

Big Rock Reserve, Dunsborough
Located on the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge, the Reserve represents a rich diversity of vegetation, with rocky valleys and sandy rises. 

  • Chapman's Spider, Cowslip, Common Donkey and Purple Enamel Orchid
  • Forest Mantis
Meelup Regional Park, Dunsborough
Meelup Regional Park covers an impressive 11.5 kilometres of coastline from Dunsborough to Bunker Bay.
  • Spider, Mustard, Jug and Donkey Orchid
  • Pea Bushes
  • Acacias
  • Hakeas
  • Buttercup (Hibbertia)


  • Blue hovea
  • Donkey orchids
  • Pink myrtle
  • Wattles
  • Kangaroo paw

Cape Naturaliste
The Cape Naturalise area comes alive with carpets of coastal wildflowers. 

  • Dunsborough and Spider orchid
  • Naturaliste Nancy
  • One-sided Bottlebrush

Margaret River Walk Trails
A visit to Margaret River wouldn’t be complete without exploring the township’s easily accessible, pleasant walk trails. 

  • Hovea
  • Hibbertia
  • Wattke
  • Yellow Peas
  • Flying Duck orchid
  • King-in-his-carriage
  • Rattle Beaks

Boranup Forest, Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park
Journey through the majestic Boranup Karri Forest to see the slender, pale-barked beauties towering above your head, and wildflowers around your feet.

  • Deep Blue Karri Hovea
  • Trailing Clematis
  • Yellow Cone Bush
  • Forest Mantis
  • Cowslip, Common Donkey and Pink Fairy orchid

Cape Leeuwin
Take in the spectacular coastal scenery at Cape Leeuwin, where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet to crash fiercely against the cape. 

  • Augusta Bee
  • Funnel Web Spider and Vanilla orchids
  • Wisteria
  • Clematis
  • Coastal Pimelea
  • Fan Flowers

Current season updates 


Manea Park:

  • Donkey Orchids 
  • White Spider Orchids
  • Cow Slip Orchids
  • Curry Flower
  • Buttercup Bush
  • Salt and Pepper Bush
  • Running Postman
  • Blue Hovea
  • Coral vine
  • Leaping Spider Orchids
  • Snail Orchids
  • Skinners Bush
  • Jug Orchids
  • Red Beaks
  • Native Wisteria

Ocean Drive (Tuart Walk end)

  • Buttercup Bush
  • Purple Tassels
  • False Boronia
  • Running Postman
  • Cow Slip Orchids
  • Pink Fairy Orchids
  • Native Wisteria
  • Wattle

Katherine Chauhan Reserve

  • White Spider Orchids
  • Kangaroo Paws
  • Blue Hovea
  • Purple Tassels
  • Milk Maids
  • False Boronia
  • Native Wisteria
  • Running Postman
  • Pink Fairy Orchids
  • Cow Slip Orchids

Crooked Brook Forest

  • White Heath
  • Kangaroo Paws
  • White Myrtle
  • Pink Myrtle
  • Prickly Moses
  • Blue Hovea
  • Buttercups
  • Running Postman
  • Cocky's Tongue

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*To note: Locations may be best accessed via a four wheel drive vehicle. The type, location and abundance of flowers can vary enormously, depending on seasonal weather conditions, bushfires etc.

Last updated August 2019