The mid-west of WA is famous for its wildflowers, with the centres of Geraldton and Kalbarri considered the go-to places for wildflower enthusiasts.

The region bursts with colour and variety every year.

It’s predicted that this year’s season will be the biggest that the region’s seen in more than a decade. The Geraldton Visitor Centre and Australia’s Coral Coast have spotted the following blooms so far this year.

Along Coorow-Green Head Road and Indian Ocean Drive between Green Head and Leeman:

  • Templetonia Rretusa (Cockies Tongue)


  • Spider orchid
  • Donkey orchid
  • Ant orchid
  • Pink Candy orchid
  • Snail orchid


  • Eremophilas
  • Bush tomato
  • Eremophila rostrata Chinnock subs rostrata

Wildflowers are appearing along roadside verges between Paynes Find and Cue.


Walk along Chapman River to view flowers and wildlife, or join a volunteer on the weekend for a guided walking tour.


Kalbarri Coastal Cliffs

  • Flowers blooming on Mushroom Valley walk trail between Rainbow Valley and Mushroom Rock
  • Spider Orchids (Caladenia)
  • Eight Nancy (Wurmbea tenella)
  • Murchison Rose (Diplolaena grandiflora)
  • Grevillea (Grevillea commuata)
  • Coastal Ray flower
  • Guinea flower (hibbertia scandens)
  • Claw Flower

Kalbarri National Park Inland Gorges

Flowers are blooming at Ross Graham and Hawks Head along the road and carpark.

Keep an eye out for these flowers at Nature’s Window, Z-Bend, and the Loop walking trail:

  • Golden Wattle
  • Native Yam
  • Purple Starflower (Patersonia accidentalis)
  • Leschenaultia Grevillea
Kalbarri Visitors Centre Milk Maids RAC Wildflowers
Milk Maids (Burchardia rosea). Image courtesy: Kalbarri Visitor Centre

Lesueur National Park

  • Banksia prionotes
  • Hibbertia hypericoides
  • Drosera micrantha
  • Astroloma macrocalyx (Native Cranberry)
  • Leucopogon parviflorus (Coast Beard-Heath)
  • Acacia lasiocarpa
  • Acacia rostellifera
  • Bossiaea eriocarpa
  • Anigozanthos humilis (Catspaw)
  • Conostylis candicans (Grey Cottonheads)
  • Melaleuca radula (Graceful Honey Myrtle)

Orchids now blooming:

  • Pterostylis sanguinea
  • Caladenia flava subsp. flava Cowslip
  • Diuris recurva
  • Caladenia longicauda subsp. borealis
  • Pheladenia deformis
  • Prasophyllum gracile
  • Thelymitra antennifera (Vanilla Orchid)
  • Thelymitra apiculata
  • Thelymitra variegata (Queen of Sheba)


Coalseam Conservation Park

  • Everlastings

Depot Hill

  • Pink everlastings
  • Orchids
  • Thryptomene shrubs


  • Purple Fairy orchid
  • Snail orchids
  • Sundew
  • Acacia
  • Eremophilas
  • Everlastings
  • Wreath flowers 30km east of Mullewa are starting to flower

Take Old Mingenew Road for Wilson's Grevillea, Pom Poms and Acacias.


Turn left on the Pindar-Berringarra road and drive for 10km to see Wreath Flowers.

Last updated August 2018