The Gascoyne is part of WA's internationally renowned region for spectacular wildflowers. Peak wildflower season is dependent on the timing and abundance of seasonal rains but generally the best time to visit for wildflowers is from July – August.

The Gascoyne is known to host some of the most vibrant wildflowers in the state, such as Mulla mulla, Purple Haze, Sturt desert peas and Everlastings.

This is what Australia’s Coral Coast has seen so far this season.


  • Cream and yellow everlastings
  • Purple Dampier Pea
  • Native Daisy
  • Everlasting carpets on North West Coastal Highway 1km south of Carnarvon’s OTC Dish, roadside at HMAS Sydney Memorial Drive near the Oyster Creek stun off, Miaboolya Beach Road 22km north of Carnarvon, and Blowholes Road.

Shark Bay World Heritage Area

Opposite the Ocean Park Aquarium you can find:

  • Shark Bay Daisies
  • Tamala Rose
  • Dune Wattle
  • Kurara
  • Wurmbea Odorata

Mount Augustus

  • Mulla mulla
  • Everlastings
  • Bachelor Buttons

Murchison Settlement

  • White everlastings

Wooleen Station

  • Everlastings
  • Eremophilas
  • Acacias
  • Sidas
  • Cassias
  • Bachelor Buttons

Last updated August 2018