Cycling can provide many benefits, including helping to improve our personal health and wellbeing and reduce our travel costs. It can also help to tackle Perth’s growing traffic congestion and reduce emissions.

Did you know...

  • Investment in cycling infrastructure delivers huge benefit. In fact, the economical, social, health and environmental benefits outweigh the cost of investment by around four times.
  • Cycling is increasingly popular in WA, with around 404,800 Western Australians riding each week.
  • 12.6 per cent of Perth's residents' cycle in a typical week, with 34 per cent of these doing so for transport purposes such as commuting, to education or shopping.
  • More than one-in-four regional Western Australians cycle in a typical week, which is the highest proportion of any state and territory in Australia.

RAC's 2015 Cycling Survey revealed:

  • Almost half (46 per cent) of respondents were dissatisfied with Perth's on-road cycling infrastructure (e.g. cycle lanes), compared to 20 per cent for off-road infrastructure (e.g. shared paths).
  • Nearly 80 per cent felt safe when cycling on shared paths, yet when sharing the roads with vehicles, only 13 per cent felt safe.
  • Fear of sharing the roads with motorists was a reason for 43 per cent not cycling more often, with 31% cycling less due to a lack of bike routes.
  • The vast majority (71 per cent) wanted to see more investment in on-road cycling infrastructure, such as cycle lanes, and 64 per cent wanted to see more off-road cycling infrastructure such as bike/shared paths.

Safe cycling

Cyclists are some of the most vulnerable people on our roads due to their lack of protection and regular interaction with fast moving traffic. In 2018, five cyclists lost their lives on WA roads and during the five years from 2014 to 2018, 484 cyclists were killed or seriously injured.

Understanding and tackling the road safety challenges for cyclists is critical to encouraging the uptake of riding and preventing deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

Cycling safety snapshot


Electric bike trials

In 2015, RAC, along with a number of partners teamed up to run a trial of electric bikes, The purpose of the trial was to better understand, and overcome, the barriers to cycling in WA.

Following the success of the metro trial, in 2016, RAC joined a number of regional partners to trial eBikes in the regional city of Albany. This trial aimed to increase awareness and usage of e-bikes, and boost cycling in WA's regions.

Shared Path Lighting Review

In 2017, RAC initiated a project to investigate lighting quality along four popular sections of Perth's Principal and Recreational Shared Path networks to understand the opportunities to improve accessibility and safety and encouraging more walking and cycling.

The study showed that nearly 60 per cent of the lighting along the 67km surveyed did not meet the relevant lighting standard.

RAC's position on cycling

RAC advocates for all Western Australians, whether they are a driver, passenger, cyclist, motorcyclist, pedestrian or public transport user.

These documents outline our public policy positions, and what we are calling on from the State and Federal Governments to support better mobility for Western Australians.

RAC Public Policy

Federal Priorities for Western Australia

State Budget Submission

Other reports

Building a high quality cycle network (PDF 803KB)

RAC's Response to the WA State Government's Sustainable Health Review (PDF 674KB)

Travel planning for new developments: Advice for local governments (PDF 795KB)

The Economic Cycle: A business case for investment in cycling in WA (PDF 2.2MB)