Do you need an AGM or EFB battery or conventional battery. Here's what they are, how they work and why you might need one.

What is an AGM battery?

In technical terms AGM stands for absorbed glass mat. An AGM battery is different to regular batteries because the sulphuric acid (battery acid) is absorbed into the glass mats like a sponge instead of the sulphuric acid being free floating.

AGMs have several advantages:
  1. AGMs produce higher amp power output for the same size of calcium battery, meeting the increasing demands of car electrics and technologies.
  2. AGMs are better suited to the modern car charging system.
  3. AGMs function as both a starting battery and as an accessory battery, so they can support a multitude of new accessories and car technologies.
  4. AGMs are safer to install in the passenger compartments of cars because they’re sealed and don’t produce gases or harmful fumes.
  5. An AGM is fully sealed and maintenance free.

Why would I need an AGM battery?

Modern cars are changing, which changes the demands on their batteries. AGM batteries are suited to modern cars; they cope with the higher energy drains and demands that are needed to support new technology and accessories. If your car currently has an AGM battery then it’s important that you replace it with an AGM battery to ensure your car’s health is maintained.

What is an EFB battery?

An enhanced flooded battery (EFB) is an entry level battery for cars that support start-stop technology. EFBs are wet-filled and similar to standard flooded batteries. But there are differences that give these batteries enhanced cycling abilities and improved charge acceptance. This means the battery recovers more quickly, as its application needs to handle heavy-duty, cyclic, start-stop applications.

Does my car need an EFB battery?

Your vehicle will only require an EFB battery if it currently has one. If in doubt, check with us before ordering a new battery.

What is a calcium battery?

Calcium batteries are lead acid batteries. Inside the typical lead acid battery are lead plates in electrolyte liquid which creates a chemical reaction that charges the battery terminals. The benefits of calcium batteries is that they are less likely to be affected by extreme weather conditions and higher charge rates, so many modern cars use them to copy with the higher power demand from engines and accessories.

Does my car need an calcium battery?

Cars with calcium batteries can be replaced with calcium, so like for like, but some can also handle EFB’s and AGM’s. Check with us before ordering a new battery.

Last updated October 2017