WA is a big State and collectively we clock up a lot of kilometres moving around it. Ever wondered how many? Here are some statistics on how we travel around.


e know WA is a big place, so we need a lot of road to help us travel around it. WA is home to more than 20 per cent of all the roads in Australia, even though our population makes up just over 10 per cent of the entire country.

Our coastline, excluding islands, stretches more than 12,000km while Perth's metro area, at more than 120km, is one of the longest in the world.

187,000km of road in WA
It's a big State. If you had to drive every road, how long would it take?

So many roads, so many cars. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2016 WA's population was approximately 2.6 million. That means we have around one light vehicle - including cars, motorcycles and trailers - per person, kids included.

2.6 million light vehicles on our roads
One vehicle per person

The average passenger vehicle in Perth travels 11,000km a year, even more than a Sydney driver (10,000km a year) according to an ABS survey, However, collectively, when you include passenger vehicles, motorbikes, commercial vehicles, trucks and buses, Sydney drivers travel further than Perth drivers at 35.2 billion km. Yes, billion. Either way, it's a lot of time spent in a car.

Distance travelled by Perth drivers in one year
If only there were frequent flyers for kms driven...
WA is a pretty flat place, which is something that benefits WA cyclists, whether they like to trundle, commute or race in packs. Over the past couple of years, the number of people riding a bike every week in WA has risen fast. As cycling infrastructure continues to improve and e-bikes slowly become a bigger part of the commuting landscape, that number is expected to continue heading upwards.

490,000 cyclists in WA each week
More and more West Australians are choosing to jump on their bike

Sources: PTA Annual Report, Austroads, Australian infrastructure statistics yearbook 2016

Making it easier for all West Australians to get around

Improving mobility and road safety is at the very core of what RAC does. For more than 110 years we've advocated for safer roads in WA and looked for solutions to congestion and mobility issues on behalf of our members.

Back in 1905 we started signposting some of WA's first roads. In the '70s, we advocated to make wearing seatbelts mandatory. Today we're advocating for better bike paths and trialling the technology of the future with our driverless shuttle bus, the RAC Intellibus™.

RAC Intellibus™

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With 24/7 roadside assistance and more patrols on the road than any other service in WA, RAC's Roadside Assistance has been helping West Australians get going again when their car breaks down for more than 90 years. 

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