How much does life insurance cost?

How much you’ll pay for life insurance depends on a number of factors including the level and type of cover, your age, gender, health and lifestyle. The good news is, for many Australians, the cost of life insurance is generally more affordable than you might think.

Life Insurance policy premiums
Want to see how much your family could receive from your life insurance policy? Check out our example of what a 35 year old male and female could pay for life insurance below;

  Male Female
Age 35 35
Lifestyle Non-smoker Non-smoker
Cover $150,000 $220,000
Premium^ $4.06 p/wk $4.06 p/wk
Annual Premium^ $211.50 $211.22

^This is an example only and is not a quote. Premiums may depend upon factors that include the type and level of cover selected, payment frequency, the insured’s gender, age, smoking status, health history, employment situation, occupation type, hours worked and work location plus any indexation increases, the number of insureds covered and any discounts that may apply. You may be required to take a level of cover sufficient to meet the minimum premium. Acceptance is subject to meeting eligibility criteria and underwriting requirements.

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