Walking has many benefits, including improvements to personal health and wellbeing, as well as reducing travel costs. It can also help tackle Perth's growing traffic congestion and reduce emissions.

Did you know...

Over 400,000 car trips of less than one kilometre are made in Perth each workday. Most people can walk this distance in approximately 10 minutes.

While not always the main mode of travel, most trips begin and end with walking - even if it's just to your car. Walking is not only an important form of transport, it is also the most popular form of recreation and a great way to get some regular physical activity as part of our everyday lives.

RAC's 2015 RAC Walking Survey revealed the walking habits of Western Australians:

  • Almost half (47 per cent) walked for 30 minutes or more per day on an average weekday in their local area (this is increased on the weekends).
  • One in two drive themselves to work or study, 17% walked to catch public transport and 9% walked the whole way.
  • Almost half (52 per cent) wanted to see better community planning to make it easier to walk to more destinations.
  • 46 per cent wanted to see investment in improved public transport services to encourage walking as part of everyday journeys.

Safe pedestrians

Pedestrians are some of the most vulnerable people on our roads due to their lack of protection and regular interaction with fast moving traffic, In 2018, 16 pedestrians lost their lives on WA roads and during the five years from 2014 to 2018, 691 pedestrians were killed or seriously injured.

RAC's position on walking

RAC advocates for all Western Australians, whether they are a driver, passenger, cyclist, motorcyclist, pedestrian or public transport user.

These documents outline our public policy positions, and what we are calling on from the State and Federal Governments to support better mobility for Western Australians.

RAC Public Policy

Federal Priorities for Western Australia

State Budget Submission

Other reports

RAC Shared Path Lighting Review 2018 (PDF 1.2MB)

RAC's Response to the WA State Government's Sustainable Health Review (PDF 674KB)

Regional Transport Survey (PDF 612KB)

Travel planning for new developments: Advice for local governments (PDF 795KB)