When looking for funding for your next residential unit development or land subdivision, choosing the right financier is important.

Finding a financier you trust to help you fund your next development project is crucial.

That's why every year we check in with our property finance members to hear about their dealings and interactions with RAC Property Finance. 

The findings from this survey tell us how our members think and feel about their experiences.

The results are in - these are the main findings from 2019.

Our promoters 

RAC Property Finance is highly rated with 86% of property finance members stating they would promote and recommend RAC Property Finance to someone in their industry.

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Future projects

When looking for funding for their next development project, 86% of members are extremely likely to use RAC Property Finance.

Service experiences

When describing their experiences, property finance members said RAC Property Finance:

  • Are very easy to deal with, friendly and prompt in answering queries.
  • Provide personal and professional customer service with a willingness to deliver above expectations.
  • Understand the local, WA property development industry.
  • Process progress payments efficiently. 
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Benefits to members

Property finance members said elements of RAC’s Property Finance product and services are really beneficial:

  • Niche and flexible property development finance offering.
  • No pre-sales required.
  • WA based with fast decision-making.
  • Personalised and responsive service. 

Last updated November 2019

Looking for funding for your next property development project?

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