15 October, 2018 

As the lifeblood of Perth, the Swan River has always been a place for food, for relaxing, for cooling down in the stifling Perth heat, and a place to play. 

And we've loved it, and continue to love it, in so many ways. The Swan starts near Wickepin and winds all the way down to Fremantle, eventually emptying itself into the Indian Ocean.

Before our modern life, it was a source of food for locals. In ancient Noongar culture the Swan River, as we know it today, was created by the Wagyl - a giant serpent spirit in the Dreamtime. 

The Swan is still a great place for a catch of fish or crabs. As the watery playground for city dwellers, its also the go-to for paddling, boating, dolphin spotting and general splashing around.

We've searched the archives to find images of West Australians from many generations kicking back and having fun on the Swan.


Boats, water toys and paddling

From the mad rush of Australia Day on the river to a lazy Sunday with your mates, there’s no better way to relax on the water than on a boat soaking up the sun, the sights, and the gentle sway of the Swan’s cool water.

It's been like this for decades - although our toys have changed quite a bit.


Chilling out, fishing and swimming 

For many locals, fishing on the Swan River wasn’t only a fun thing to do on a Saturday morning – it was a way to gather food.

Or, on a hot summer's day, the river was the perfect place for a picnic and a good swim - we even used to have dedicated public baths along the river for swimming lessons and 'individual health'.

Just watch out for those jellyfish.

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Giving back to WA

Since 1905, when RAC was first formed as a motoring club, we've been giving back to WA.

We've watched WA and Perth city grow and seen the banks of the Swan change too, accommodating more people and traffic.

We hope to be here for another 110 years too, continuing to advocate for safer roads for all, investing in sustainable transport and continuing to reinvest our profits for the better of our members and WA. 

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