Since the ceremony in 1829 that marked the site of Perth, our young city has evolved from a small settlement to a place worthy of being our capital. 

From what was at first a village, a small city rose. Over the decades, our city skyline grew and plateaued with the highs and lows of WA's collective fortunes. In recent years our skyline has started to reach heights.
Watching the transformation from the birds-eye-view of Kings Park, so much has changed, yet so much has remained familiar. Over the next few years there are many more new developments coming. What will the view look like by 2020?  


Did you know...

For more than half of Perth’s lifetime, RAC has been here too. More than 100 years ago, as cars began to replace horses, the Royal Automobile Club of WA was formed. We’ve been here through many ups and downs in WA, through two world wars, mining booms and busts, the growth of environmentalism and urbanisation. Recently, it’s been about the rise of technology and changes in how we get around. Now we’re working to help shape WA’s future for the better.

More than 110 years of RAC history