Track northward from Australia to explore the Spice Islands and the fabled islands of Raja Ampat, through the Republic of Palau and the remote small islands of Micronesia before concluding in Yap.

A top-down image of a tender boat in the middle of a coral reef with snorkellers around the boat swimming through the clear water
Indigenous people from Papua New Guinea walking down in three rows playing the drums and singing while some are dancing while  wearing big colourful masks with lots of feathers
A couple in a kayak paddling through turquoise water towards the Coral Expeditions vessel which is at bay between some high rising islands in the background

Be greeted and escorted by traditional kora kora canoes to the historic township of Banda Neira. Cruise the pristine coastal landscape of Mommon Peninsula where Kitikiti Waterfall cascades into the ocean. Marvel at one of the world’s most photographed marine scenes: the jagged green limestone cliffs and crystalclear water of Wayag. Swim with the harmless golden jellyfish of Jellyfish Lake, Palau. Learn about Yap’s ancient limestone currency and snorkel, dive and kayak to encounter coral reefs home to abundant marine life. This journey offers spectacular combinations of remote island cultures, marine life and history that can only be experienced by expedition ship.