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Staff in front of WA map

Local friendly staff

We are on the ground ready to help when you need us the most.
Piggy bank with money going in
Piggy bank with money going in

Switch and save online

Switch and save $35 online in the first year.
CANSTAR 2019 - 2021 - Most Satisfied Customer - Home Insurer - WA
CANSTAR 2019 - 2021 - Most Satisfied Customer - Home Insurer - WA

Happy customers

Awarded Canstar’s Most Satisfied Customers – WA Home Insurer Award 3 years running.

Our basic contents insurance will give you

Fire and theft cover

Cover for loss, destruction or damage caused by fire or theft, for a value of up to $25,000. If your things would cost more than $25,000 to replace, consider RAC Contents Insurance cover instead. Try our contents calculator to estimate the cost to replace your contents.

Cover for your things

TV, sound system, games console, clothing, jewellery, trade tools and even your bike.  See optional extras for Personal valuables to cover items like your iPad, watch and engagement ring outside of your home.

New for old replacement

We’ll repair or replace (new for old) damaged, lost or stolen items covered under your policy.

Fixtures and fittings

If you own fixtures in the building you rent, we’ll cover them, up to $5,000

Contents whilst in storage

We’ll cover contents kept in secure storage against fire and theft up to $5,000.

Legal liability cover

Cover for damage to other people or their property.

You'll become an RAC member

When you purchase RAC's Basic Contents Insurance you automatically become an RAC member and have access to great extra benefits so you can make savings every day.

Local claims team ready to help

We know WA. We drive on the same roads, we live in the same suburbs, and we experience the same things, so when it comes to claim time we are on the ground and ready to make things better for you, seven days a week.

Need a little more? Upgrade with our optional extra

Ask about or select this during the online quote process to add it to your cover.

  • Personal valuables coverProtect your valuables which you take outside of your home with this cover. For example if you add your engagement ring, your watch, or your iPad as a personable valuable on your policy, it will be covered for accidental loss or damage anywhere in Australia. Add these items when you get a quote and they will be added to your policy cover.

Contents replacement cost calculator


Contents calculator

Get an estimate for the cost of replacing the contents of your home. List actual items for a more accurate estimate.

Contents calculator

Award winning home insurance

The quality experts at Canstar surveyed over 5,100 home insurance policyholders across 52 insurers nationally and awarded RAC with WA's Most Satisfied Customers - Home Insurer Award for the third year running. It's proof that our members are at the heart of everything we do.

MSC-Home Insurer-WA-2021
CANSTAR 2020 - Most Satisfied Customers - Home Insurer - WA_Ol
CANSTAR 2019 - Most Satisfied Customers - Home Insurer - WA


$35 discount applies to your first year of insurance of your only. This discount is subject to minimum premiums and is only available when you switch to this policy online. Basic Contents Insurance is the new name for Renter's Insurance and if you received the $35 discount for Renter's Insurance you will not be entitled to receive it again for your Basis Contents Insurance.

This product is issued by RAC Insurance Pty Limited. Our products are developed and distributed for appropriate target markets in accordance with our Policy. Benefits are subject to policy conditions and PED Guide. Before you make a decision, please check the PDS and TMD to see if the policy is right for you.

Switch and save $35 online in the first year