Embark on an enticing culinary adventure with Coral Expedition's new, “Flavours of Tasmania – Meet the Makers” voyage showcasing some incredible local providores and growers and sharing their story. This journey is tailored for adventurous food and wine enthusiasts eager to explore Tasmania’s culinary shores, immersing yourself in breathtaking scenery and exclusive events featuring local producers.

A big tasting platter with some wine set up for a tasting at the vineyard
A group of people going on a tour around Tamar Valley Truffle farm
A couple doing a wine tasting next to the vineyard

From fresh seafood to organic produce, experience Tasmania’s culinary heritage paired with world-class wines and spirits. Meet notable figures like cheese-making pioneer Jane Bennett, wine connoisseur Gerald Ellis, and whiskey expert Peter Bignal. Engage in a distillery tour with Bill McHenry, explore the Tamar Valley Truffle Farm, and indulge in wine tastings with Marion Semmens. Delight in local delicacies with panoramic views, enjoy an exclusive culinary experience at The Kiln, and enjoy a signature dinner event with Matt Dunbabbin at Bangor Winery. This voyage guarantees an intimate exploration of Tasmania’s culinary heritage, providing insight into the unique history and stories of local produce experts who shape Tasmania’s culinary landscape.