Pet insurance

How to claim on your pet insurance

Claiming is simple:

Step 1: Check your pet insurance policy.
Check your Combined
Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide to see what you're entitled to claim.

Step 2: Call 13 72 02 to lodge your claim

We’ll provide you with your claim number and advise what documents you may need to send in.

To make claiming easier, have the following information handy:


  • Your policy number
  • The date and details of the treatment being claimed
  • Full veterinary history for your pet (if this is their first injury or illness claim)
  • Your veterinarians’ clinical notes for the treatment being claimed
  • Your paid invoices

Please note:

Additional treatment notes are required to be provided for each illness or injury claim that is submitted. 

For Tender Loving Care (TLC) or Emergency Boarding claims simply:
Phone 13 72 02 with your policy number and a copy of the paid itemised invoices and receipts for treatment provided or items/services being claimed.


Claims Process

RAC is partnering with RACQ to provide you pet insurance. The insurance is underwritten by RACQ and all claims will be managed by RACQ. Please be advised that RACQ operating hours are Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm (AEST).



Conditions, limits and exclusions apply. RAC Insurance Pty Limited is authorised by RACQ Insurance Limited (ABN 50 009 704 152, AFSL 233 082 as an agent to issue RAC Pet Insurance. This information does not take your personal objectives, circumstances or needs into account. Read the PDS and SPDS (where applicable) before making any decision. ‘Pre-existing conditions, general exclusions, as well as waiting periods, may apply to the ailments and conditions stated. Any advice provided is general only and may not be right for you. Such general advice is provided by RAC under its AFSL.