The EV for a week trial has now ended. Read the EV Diaries to see what our members thought about their experience.

Welcome to EV Diaries, firsthand accounts from our EV for a Week trial where we let 50 RAC members take home a Polestar 2 electric car for seven days.

Over the week, we got their honest feedback about what it's like to own and live life with an EV in the form of a daily diary.

From road trips across WA to commuting around the city, hear about tackling range anxiety, what it's like to use a public charging station, charging at home, and more.

Follow our members as they share their EV driving experiences—both good and bad—tracking every charge, challenge, and surprise.

If you have a query about this trial, please contact us at

Feature diaries

  • Sarah from Baldivis – Follow Sarah as she tests the Polestar 2 and experiments with charging using solar power from her home.
  • Lizzie from Cottesloe – Join Lizzie as she road trips between her home in Cottesloe to Bunbury and Dunsborough, and take us along her usual Meals on Wheels run.
  • Renee from Collie – Follow Renee as she makes frequent trips between Collie and Perth with her young family, putting an EV to the ultimate test—regular long distance driving.